Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beach Day ... 6/2/16

Good morning! It's going to be 90 here and 92 at Daytona Beach! We packed a cooler with beer, water, sodas and potato chips ... Roger and Bonnie left for a day at Daytona Beach. (Mark and I are dog sitting their 5!) 

Playing with the kids! 
Ella liked romping in the grass!

Bonnie and Roger almost didn't get off Daytona Beach with a fast incoming tide! LOL
It's dinnertime auntie! 

Bonnie and Roger came in about 8, worn out from their day at the beach. They had an awesome time! Tomorrow, they are off to see (her) family for a reunion in North Carolina. (Drat! We have so many more plans!)

We decided on a light dinner at Crazy Gator's where Roger ate, you guessed it, gator! BTW Bonnie had a Tito Vodka martini and said it's the best! (I must try it; dirty.) Haha.  
We've had such a fun time with them!!! 

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