Friday, June 3, 2016

On Their Way ... 6/3/16

Good morning! We were all up by 6 a.m. ... Roger packing dog crates ... Bonnie packing suitcases ... Mark making coffee and me, well I kept the kids entertained! They were on the road by 8 o'clock with a nine hour drive ahead.
Bonnie & Roger (after packing up and still looking fine!) 

Mark with Chief on his lap while packing was underway. 
Morning snuggles ... and coffee and soda!
with Percy (age 15.) He was watching and waiting to get in the car! 

Robbie and BeeZee had a chance to say their bye-byes. (Bee knew it was "just" a visit and came to stand with Mark, Robs and me.) Whew! LOL

Bonnie sent this photo that she took of Roger and the dogs having a break at Fernandina Beach. 
LOL. It looks like Bonnie has my mother's skills with taking pictures. LOL. Roger's head is cut off the picture! 

After our chores were done, Mark wanted to go bowling. So, away we went and bowled three games at Breakpoint. I had such a laugh. Mark threw his FIRST ever gutter ball. Actually, to be fair, he did get one pin. BUT his ball went into the gutter 20 feet from the foul line, roll down then jumped out at the end of the gutter and got a pin!  LOL

Tonight, we caught up with Randy on the phone. He had been puttering around the house today while Dawn was working. We'll take the kids for a ride and have a visit tomorrow or Sunday. 

We checked in with Sue and Wayne who had been shopping for summer hanging baskets at their cottage.
Beautiful petunias! 

Tonight Mark and I finished watching Roots ... and were ready to turn in before midnight!

No word from Bonnie & Roger ... we hope they safely made it to their destination. 

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