Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Hour Fun ... 6/5/16

Mark set the alarm for 6 to beat the heat on his outdoor project. The pups and I slept til 7:30 with the A/C on 75. Sweet.  The corner of our Sunroom foundation needed a slight boost ... and Mark had the answer. 
He jacked it up ... a little more tomorrow ... then concrete. What a guy! He can fix anything!

It's just a putter-around day here ... until 4 o'clock when Pat and Ken arrive for happy hour! (Ken's just back from a motorcycle trip to Washington DC and we're looking forward to hearing about it!)

Meanwhile, at LOTW, Wayne's sitting in Shorty Hot-Pant's recliner at the lake! LOL
Wayne, SHP & Julius enjoying their Cottage! They met Glenda and her husband for breakfast at Yesterday's in Kenora ... always a good breakfast! Last night was dancing to a band in Keewatin! They keep busy enough. 

Pat & Ken arrived here at 5 (she always brings me a little pressie!) and we opened two bottles of Giordano wines. Ken had a good trip to DC but hit the bad weather in South Carolina last week on his ride home. He had to go 80 miles west of I-95 (it was flooded) to get past the closed highway! Hours later, Ken arrived home, wet, cold and tired. Will he do it again? We'll see. 

Our rain began ... in earnest. The gutters overflowed for 20 minutes ... and we sat on our porch and loved it! Believe me, it was getting dry! More rain expected tom with a tropical depression. 
Our rain chain is working well! 

Now "Miss USA is on with all its pomp and ridiculous ness. Too bad "The Donald" was fired. LOL. 

That's it for tonight! More tomorrow!

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