Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wetnesday ... 6/8/16

Good morning Sunshine! Showers are still moving through following "Colin" in some areas south of us, but it's lovely here in Central Florida. (By 10 it was muggy and hot!) 

Our downunder Tawns added a new member to the family!
What a sweet face atop Mel's leg ... it's Monty's first day in his new home. Welcome big boy!
Connie let Monty sleep on her bed so I suggested she order a new king size one. LOL. 

Mark dropped a few items off at the Humane Society store on his way to pick up more project supplies at Home Depot. Me? Well, I listed a few more items on eBay. Sales have been pretty good, surprisingly.

Plans were for bowling this afternoon but that didn't happen. Mark was feeling poorly with a fever. Randy had been busy tidying up tools at Dawn's house ... and dropped off some of them here. (The doggies were watching for him!)  
BeeZee watched for lizzies, squirrels and Uncle. Ha. When Randy came in tired and hot, I found a cold Black & Tan beer for him. Dawn was at work ... actually, Walmart had been in the news this week with robberies in Orlando. Really? I never carry cash! And I certainly don't put on the goods to shop there. What were they stealing? Maybe the shopper's flip flops? 

Randy & Dawn phoned at nine to check on Mark ... and to see if I'd cooked dinner for him. I said that I had ... Chicken sandwiches ... but Randy said it didn't count as I failed to toast the bread ... and what condiments were on the Sammy??? I replied, butter and mayo and cheese! LOL. Randy didn't count those as condiments! Whhhaaatttt? We all had a laugh and felt sure Mark would be back in HIS kitchen tomorrow. 

Sue discovered a great shopping spot in Kenora and picked up some items for her Shih Tsu Rescue EBay sales! Darn! I missed some great sales!

Tomorrow is Yaya's at Meredith's house! I'll get to meet her who dog jumped through their plateglass window to catch the birds. Ha ha! Yes, I had a dog like that too ... only Freddie Farkle broke into the house! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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