Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fried-day ... June 17, 2016

Well, last night was so much fun I just couldn't put it all into one day's posting. So here we go ...

Randy and Dawn were expecting Scott to arrive from South Florida while the four of us were out for date night. So, they left a key under the doormat. No, not very original but that was it.  To be continued ...

We met at 1884, a bar on Magnolia Street in Eustis. It's a very neat old place with an interesting clientele. I spotted a bottle of booze that I thought Bonnie and Roger had mentioned. I took a picture and sent it to Bonnie. Right then a fellow patron (sitting next to Mark) said what I was thinking of was Tito's vodka. Of course, he was right. Anyway, he knew the entire background story on Tito's vodka and knew it was named for his dog! (He ordered one right then with a fresh squeezed grapefruit.)
Here we are, a couple of cocktails into our date night evening. 

We had already planned to eat at Tilly's,  just a few doors down the street from 1884. To start with, we ordered appetizers of buffalo chips with cheese and smoked fish dip. An hour later, we ordered dinner. Everything was good! 
Tilly's ... Appetizers gone! 

Walking over to Uncorked!
That's the big heron sculpture/fountain by Lake Eustis in the background. 

 At the wine bar ... a nightcap was needed!
Perhaps one couple was ready to call it a night and go home to BED! LOL. We had so much fun.

Well, when Randy and Dawn arrived home, THEY had a big surprise. No, Scott was not there. LOL. They left a key under the doormat for Scott, but found they ALSO left the overhead garage door up/open plus the entryway door to the house unlocked! I guess the only door locked was the one they left the key for for Scott. LOL. As Randy likes to say, "old people get goofy!!!" Yep, they sure do. LOL. 

Well, good morning. I was up early but Mark slept until nine. Dawn sent a text wondering why the blog wasn't posted last night. I told her it was, and it's entitled Squirrley ... I was saving last night's fun for today's blog. (Actually, I was so tired last night I went to bed shortly after getting home.) For some reason, Dawn wasn't able to bring the blog up.

This afternoon, Mark and I ran a few errands and picked up the necessaries like Mother Hubbard peanut butter dog cookies. At Walmart, in the phone/computer department two middle-eastern-looking young men were milling around. I thought how difficult it will be in the coming months with suspicions cast their way because of atrocities committed by a homegrown nut job at Pulse in Orlando last weekend. Sad. 

Sue and Wayne arrived safely in Winnipeg for Les and Lynne's party tomorrow. They've had a lot of rainy weather, but we hope they'll have good weather for their outdoor celebration. 

So that's it for us today ... we're going to relax this evening and watch telly. Ta Ta. 

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