Wednesday, June 29, 2016

You're the Man ... June 29, 2016

Good morning ... what's up? It's going to be a busier day here. Mark ... working on our boathouse slip project ... me, prepping for tomorrow's game day festivities. 

It's already 79 at 8 o'clock and going to 88 ... and I'm happy my job will be in the A/C. Haha! 

You know those lever, easier to open door handles? Well, it's true! They are easier to open!
Hey, may I come in? It's unbearably hot today. LOL

Mark came in for lunch at noon ... exhausted. Rain is predicted (again) this afternoon ... it would be nice. 
Hooray. We did get an hour of rain while we were eating lunch. Perfect timing. Mark went back to his boat house project after he cooled off. Then Lew dropped in to see what was going on and to bring me a Trailer Life 75th anniversary edition magazine. Nice. Thanks! There are some cool pictures in there of the vintage Winnebagos ... we used to call them toasters! Haha. 

I did the nitpicky cleaning, but more importantly, chilled the wine and set up the Sunroom for game day. It's sure to be a smaller group as many are away on holidays! I was hoping Dawn would join us, but she has her house real estate closing tomorrow! Yay! (She's been quite stressed over the house sitting empty for several months!) 

Today, Sue and Wayne have Ron's crew installing metal (me'al, as Mark says) roofs on the man cave and garage. We won't recognize the place next summer! Wowsa! They've made a lot of changes this year.

At 5 o'clock, I went to check on Mark ... balancing on his ladder scaffold. He's going to be very tired and sore tonight! 
I like to watch his inventiveness learned from years of working on elevators! Egad. I wish I could kneel down ... there's absolutely no way for me after knee replacements. 

We had such a laugh this afternoon when Mark's birthday cards, yes two of them, arrived from Pam. Apparently she wrote them shortly after her foot operation while  popping OxyCodons for pain. LOL (See for yourself.) 
And here's where the fun starts ...
Heehee ... Mark wishes to thank his doubly-awesome sister Pam. 

It's now happy hour, and time to wind- down and cook dinner. I suspect tonight won't be much but walking the doggies when it cools down. (Mz BeeZee gets her exercise when Mark is working outside as she doesn't recognize him and goes all guard-dog.) LOL

Ta Ta til tomorrow ...

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