Saturday, June 4, 2016

Next Project ... June 4, 2016

Good morning sunshine! Are you feeling hot hot hot? Well, you would be if you were living here. It's 88° at 11 AM with 90° forecast by 4 o'clock. A tropical depression is supposed to cross our Florida peninsula on Monday and bring us rain and a chance of 'severe' weather. It will be welcome as our temperature will drop down to 80° as a high for a few days. YEEHAW!

Mark got up full of vim and vigor ... ready for our next project. We are adding gutters on to one side of the sunroom, and refacing our boathouse seawall. He drew me a diagram of what is planned, but that's his department. I know he will do an awesome job. 

My chores today weren't nearly as glamorous; Paying the bills, and filing. Yuck yuck yucky. But hey, someone's got to do it. LOL

Both Robbie and BeeZee are laying upside down ... just chilling out on the tile floor! I guess it's just the 'dog days of summer' although the calendar says it's late spring. Sue and Wayne have been having quite a lot of rain at their cottage in Canada (so far.) Maybe we can send them some of this heat and they can send us some of their cool rain. Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy? Poor Texas is being swamped with flooding rain this year. When we were there two years ago, Texas was in the worst drought ever.

At 4 o'clock, we went to Randy's for happy hour. He put out quite an interesting spread of snacks and brought out the good boxes of wine. LOL. We had quite a feast. Poor Dawn was at work until 8 o'clock. Bummer. BeeZee climbed on my shoulder to see out of the Livingroom window. Robbie helped mop the floor with his wet beard. Haha. 

Tonight, back home, we're going to watch the hockey game that starts at 8 o'clock.

Sue and Wayne have gone to the new bar in Keewatin for dinner and dancing. 

Bonnie and Roger arrived safely in North Carolina and sent a few pictures today. It's very hot and humid there! 
What a sweet photo ... enjoy your family reunion! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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