Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Game Girls ... June 14, 2015

Good morning from steamy Florida. It's going to be a bad hair day (for some!) with 91F here (and 90F in Pompano Beach.) 

Never mind, it's game day for me ... and Mark's going shopping. Lew phoned about 10 that he was picking Lynn up after a gall bladder x-ray. She was unable to drive home so Mark and I went over and picked up Lew's vehicle from the parking lot. She was hoping to postpone it until after pool season, LOL, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen!  Dawn had hers removed and said recovery was about two weeks. 

So, since Lynn is off work anyway, she might as well come to game day with me! Fun! Too bad she didn't partake of the wine and snacks. We learned a new game called Sequence but soon switched to Rummikube. Another table played Mexican Dominoes. Rose is such sweet hostess and little Jazzy (senior Yorkie) was official greeter. 

Lew and Mark had been swimming and drinking beer when I brought Lynn home. So, we girls joined them for a swim!
Since we ordered "new" COMCAST equipment, 3 service people have been here working on our connection. Tomorrow, our new equipment for inside the house should arrive. Maybe then we can record shows again. So far, all it's done is mess things up! Drat!

Tonight, Sue and Wayne have gone with Rose to Boston Pizza for their Tuesday pasta tonight. It's a favorite of ours when we're in Kenora (Canada) too!

Randy had some excitement today when he found a 3' rat snake in his garage! 

He commonly leaves doors wide-open, and that's what can happen. LOL  After much "Steve Irwin-ing", Randy caught it with a pool cue bridge. Lesson learned? Maybe?

That's our news for tonight. Ta Ta. 

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