Thursday, June 16, 2016

Squirrelly ... June 16, 3016

It's a gorgeous start to our day! Well, Mark's still sleeping but the Scotties are on the front porch with me! 
Two frisky squirrels have been vying for domination of our bird feeder. They've been fighting in our trees, leaping branch to branch and squabbling. This is been endlessly entertaining for the Scotties!!! (And me!) It's amazing how smart these rodents are. They think "outside the box." The dominant squirrel chased the other through our next-door neighbor's yard. Undeterred, the contender came back,  over our roof and used branches on 3 trees to launch a surprise aerial attack! LOL. Leaves and squirrel fur were flying! Robbie finally barked. Haha. (BeeZee didn't bark!) After the fight, the victor squirrel shimmied down the wire to our birdfeeder for breakfast. What a show. LOL

Our plans today include setting up our Sunroom TV for Xfinity 1 VOICE  command DVR service. (Randy will be so jealous!) Heehee. Actually, it was made fairly easy. We had to call tech-support last night to set up our living room TV system, but that was because the new service wasn't turned on ... that should have been in the instructions, I think. Anyway, maybe we're a little smarter than we think? A "home" phone number is included with our new package with free calls to Canada. Maybe we have an old-school phone tucked away somewhere? Don't get too excited Sue, I will only plug it in and use it when I'm calling Canada. ;-)

Mz BeeZee was our technical advisor ...
Haha. She doesn't miss a chance to help! Muah! That doggie is such a sweetie. 

Yeah, the Sunroom TV system is up and running! Hooray! Somehow, both TV's pictures are better with the new DVR boxes. Schweet. And, with the new really high-speed Wi-Fi, our guests will be in heaven here! 

Tonight, we are meeting Randy and Dawn at 1884 for drinks at the fabulous bar, then walking to Tilly's (Eustis) for dinner. After dinner ... specialty wine at the Wine Bar a block from Tilly's. It's date night, but on Thursday, not Wednesday.

I just love old Scottie dog pictures I see on Facebook! 
This is a real cutie.  

Sue and Wayne will have a weekend in Winnipeg with Les and Lynne. L & L are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We'll hope for pictures ... sorry we couldn't be there as planned. 

Date night was FUN. Tomorrow I will elaborate and post pictures ... tonight it's doggie snuggle time!

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