Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shay's Birthday ... June 11, 2016

Happy birthday to our wonderful pal, Shay! Of course we had to phone and sing, along with the doggies! 

Bonnie and Roger arrived home in Tulsa late last night after a couple of traffic delays. They posted their pic with new glasses they just picked up!
Looking great! For getting in at midnight, you guys are amazing! (Thanks for visiting us!)

Mark puttered on the Sunroom project ... I did laundry and wiped down the kitchen. We sure had fun playing dominoes last night! And, we're invited to RanDawn's for chicken tortilla soup tonight. Nice!

Jim sent a pic of his deck overlooking Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods. 
The planters are just completed ... flowers will be overflowing in a couple of weeks. It's a gorgeous deck, Jim! Enjoy!

Mark needed more things at Home Depot, (man's favorite store), so the kids and I sat in the car with AC going while he shopped. 

We're going to RanDawn's for chicken tortilla soup!

Wow! THAT was good soup! Randy fussed and had toasted tortillas sliced for the top of the soup with shredded cheese on top. It was delicious. One bowl filled me up! I brought Rummikub to teach them a new game. Randy was pleased to learn one that worked his brain! We managed to have lots of laughs in the process. First for me was a Heath Bar ice cream! Wow! We both liked it. I offered to get wine and poured a glass of red for Mark. Somehow, I turned the tap on the box too far ... it popped off and spurted red wine everywhere! I tried stop it with my finger under the spout but it just spewed out at the top!!! So I had a finger and thumb plus wine glass in hand when Mark grabbed the box and laid it on the side. LOL. Now I am banned from Randy's kitchen. Ha ha. (Dawn had washed the floors before we arrived. Between me, red wine spewing and Robbie's goober-beard, she might want to mop again. Oops. 

Happy Hour on RanDawn's porch!
The view from their porch ... 
Pineapples growing for cocktail mixers! 
It was a terrific night, lots of laughs. The doggies had treats and lots of attention.

Tomorrow, they are going on a motorcycle ride with friends. 

Ta Ta. 

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