Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Good morning. Mark and I were up by 8 o'clock straightening out the house and getting the dogs fed and walked. 

It's Isabella's sixth birthday today. 
She's a cutie! 

Our plans for today include showing Rod and Shay around our area.  We went to Mid-Florida Lakes, Scottish Highlands, Lakes at Leesburg and Fox Run.

Rod (figuring out the selfie-stick), Randy, me, Marky & Shay at the Lost Parrot in Mount Dora for MY birthday lunch! (Dawn was working.) 

Mark and Shay at 4 o'clock happy hour. 🍻 Cheers. 

Randy's homemade pea soup was enjoyed by Roddy tonight. 

Mark smoked a "cee-gar" while Roddy and I watched the stars, spotted Mars and wowed Shay. It got chilly at 9 so we headed in to watch (recorded) Steven Colbert. Hilarious. 

TV, more vino and a cheery fire! Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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