Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Good morning. It was a bright beautiful start to our day. Mark was up early to start breakfast for us all while I tidied up and fed the doggies and organized the day's laundry.

Roddy and Shay were a little slow moving this morning after RanDawn's fantabulous dinner party last night! After breakfast and a re-organization of their property notes (what they'd seen over two days) they loaded up and were off by 10 o'clock for home. We certainly had a fun time and accomplished a lot. They have other towns to look at, as well, and then much to mull over. 

With my chores done I decided to plug in dad's old stereo (I bought it for him about 1988) which Randy had in the Harley room. To my surprise, it works just fine and I wanted a radio for my craft room as I'd just tossed out the 5 year old radio that had gone kaput. Sweet. 

I had been a little concerned that Rocky hadn't been around for two days. But, this afternoon, there he was waiting for worms! Haha. 

Mark decided it was a perfect afternoon to begin leveling and working on the seawall project again. This time, he's using the small boat to work from! It seems easier to me than standing on a plank between two ladders. 


Rick called on FaceTime and we had a good gab. We're looking forward to seeing them this summer, either in BC or Ontario. We'll see how the weather/travel plans go. 

Randy and Dawn phoned around 5 after spending a relaxing day in the sunshine. After supper, Mark and I flopped on the recliners with Scotties to catch-up on TV.  So, Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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