Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Good morning sunshine! It's a cool start to our day; the last forecast for this season. (Right now it's 60F.) 

Donny left at 7:15 for Orlando airport and to settle his "tolls." We were all wondering what TSA would say about his "Cliff" painting with an electrical cord hanging out! (Here's our text ...)


Meanwhile, Mark modeled his new shirt, a gift from Pam for completing his treatment. 
Lookin' fly Marky ... with SPF 50 

Rocky was at our living room window first thing today for his mealworms. Haha. Just what this house needed, a mockingbird! So, that wee job morphed into scrubbing the bird baths and refilling the seeders. (Mark calls them feeder-seeders!) 🙄

After laundry and a few more chores, we went to Puddle Jumpers in Tavares for lunch. We watched sea planes and boats buzzing around. Mark noticed Lew walking down the dock from quite a distance. I wasn't certain, so Mark phoned him and we watched as he looked for his phone. Haha. Mark was right! It turns out Lew, Lynn and her brother had just gotten up from a table quite near us in the same restaurant. Ha! They had arrived by boat ... we drove. Lovely afternoon! 

Cheers! (We missed Donny who landed in Boston at 3 pm with "the bag" in hand.)


Tonight, Mark cooked big thick pork chops on the grill while Pam and I whipped up baked apples and mushrooms. After we finished dinner, it was Mexican Dominoes time. Mark was the winner ... and I was the big "L" with 503. 😂

Randy and Dawn will be home from Las Vegas soon! Here's the latest picture ...

What's up with all the beer Dawn? I'm sure we'll get all the fun news tomorrow. 

Goodnight 💤 

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