Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Good morning! 🌞We expected thunderstorms overnight but ... nothing! When I got up at five this morning, I turned on the news and checked Facebook. Unfortunately, a tragedy had been unfolding all night long. Our good friend Timichael from Oklahoma had been going through a very nasty divorce. He had married Cayann Patterson in February 2014 and he filed for divorce in July 3015. Suffice to say, I have never heard of one this bad. As it turned out, Tim shot his wife's attorney who died on the way to the hospital and then went to her (their) home and shot his wife multiple times and started the house on fire. He fled in his truck only to abandon it near a field where he killed himself. Tragic. Vengeance. Sad. 


There are no winners here. Three people dead ... families destroyed. Cayann seemed lovely when the two of them visited after their honeymoon cruise in 2014. What Tim uncovered afterward was 4 aliases, an Ashley Madison (swapping) account and that he wasn't the only rich man she had married and fleeced. In the end he lost his home (after a million dollar reno), his business (she stole $358,000), his boat, his RV and his work trailer. A real black widow! He was desperate. Cayann had people of influence in her bed and Tim had amassed documents of fraud and corruption. Perhaps he mailed his files to a reporter. The Edmond Oklahoma police chief was called out on Tim's last Facebook posting and maybe something will come of all this destruction.

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