Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good morning. It's a bright sunny day. Mark cooked Pam and me eggs with sliced tomatoes for our breakfast. What a great husband. (I offered cloning him for Pam but we all thought that would be weird.) 😂 

Mark and Pam left about 815, the first time.  Just as they rounded the corner I noticed Pam left a couple of things on the bathroom vanity. I phoned and they did a quick turnaround and met me on the driveway then were off again about 820. We've had a terrific visit with Pam! Lots of fun! (She's easy-peasy company, for sure!) I must brush up on my bowling before she visits again, though. 😜 🎳 

It's such a lovely afternoon that we ate lunch on the front porch. I'd noticed a tail-less 🦎 by the big ponytail palm earlier. Mz BeeZee noticed it too and gave chase...right into the house! Now we're all looking for the critter! 

Happy Presidents Day! 
Haha. (There were a few Yugo cars in Canada ... and they were NOT fine-tuned machines.) 😂 (Thanks for the cartoon Wayne!)

After lunch, Mark made his list of sprinkler supplies and went to Lowe's for retail therapy. It must've been exhausting as he came home for an hours nap. Hee hee. I began a new muddle in my craft room. You see, I had some left over grapevines from another project and decided to make door wreaths. The first one took about three hours because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Here's the Proto type. 


Pam arrived home safely to a cloudy, dull Minnesota afternoon. (I think it was mild enough, but after being in the Florida sunshine state of mind for a few days it's hard to take!) I told her the story of me leaving Fort Lauderdale's  80°F and arriving in Winnipeg's -30°F. It took me two weeks to sell everything I owned and begin my drive to Florida. It was epic. No regrets. 

As I was washing the front door prepping it for the new wreath, I spotted the missing lizard on the inside of the door. I chased him outside and then he jumped into the old wreath I'd just set on the floor. There was a bit of a dance while lizzie and I decided which way we were each going! Ha! He's safely back in the ponytail palm. Whew! 

Mark just came inside ... the sprinkler pump repaired. Yay. Somehow, the intake pipe was broken ... maybe hit by a boat? Anyway, it's fixed. 

It's TV:30 ... Homeland. Ta Ta. 

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