Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good morning! Our day began with a rainshower followed by sunshine 10 minutes later. After our usual breakfast of sausage and eggs, we headed out to the flea market to buy vegetables for tomorrow's crockpot of chili 🌶. You see, a party is in the works for tomorrow night.

We met Lew and Lynn at the flea market. They love going every Thursday to get their fruits and vegetables. It wasn't as crowded as last week, but still plenty of people there. 

4 Beefsteak tomatoes, 3 green peppers, plus yellow, orange and red peppers, radishes, celery, a quart of blueberries and 4 Vidalia onions = $9 

So, Rod and Shay are arriving tomorrow to have a visit and look around "the area." They had plans to view other areas on their way here but canceled those plans as Shay's been under the weather for a few days. (Medication mixup!) We decided on date night, to have a dinner party and introduce Pat & Ken to Rod & Shay. Since Dawn is working til 8, Randy will join us then pick her up after work. 

Sue called to say Wayne was admitted to hospital today with pneumonia. He's been fighting a sinus infection, then bronchitis and now this. We hope he'll get the right meds and care and be home soon. 

The chili is now cooked, a Razzelberry pie baked and the table set. It's time to relax with our doggies. 

Speaking of doggies, Bonnie has been getting her pack ready for an upcoming show. 

Top left is Chief ... Cabby (BeeZee's brother,) Ella and sweet ol' Percy (Westie) is 16.  ❤

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