Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday February 15, 2017

Good morning! 🌞 It's a sunny start to our day but rain is forecast by 4 o'clock. Pam and I went to the ladies luncheon at the Whale's Tail where there were 15 of us ... 4 I didn't know! It was fun talking to them ... one of the new ladies was a drag racer. Cool. You just can't imagine someone's life story by their book's cover. Haha. )I had shrimp, coleslaw and onion rings; all delicious!) Meanwhile, Donny went to Planet Fitness while Mark happily puttered about the house. 

This afternoon we watched a couple Ancient Aliens (all of us!) while it rained heavily for an hour. After feeding the kids, we 4 went to Crazy Gator's for dinner. After a selfie photo op with "the Gator" 
we tried to find a comfortable place to sit. But, alas, it wasn't easy. Haha. One table was "too bright!"  Another had seats too saggy ... and finally a booth that was "just right!" 🙄. Dinner was good ... 

Margaritas great. Ha. After dinner we walked the to the docks where the wind whipped up whitecaps. 
Wheeee ...

Back home we got into a few liquors ... 
and a good picture of handsome Donny. 💕

Pam, always gorgeous, picked BeeZee to join the PARTAY! ❤

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Randy and Dawn had a fantastic time at Donnie and Marie Osmond's show. Dawn had a dance with her idol Donnie and loved the show! More later. 

Sue and Wayne checked in for an evening at Coral Ridge Yacht Club. No details but dancing was a certain. 

We're pooped! We still haven't finished watching the dog show! Busy busy. 

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