Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Good morning! I started my day with Ancient Aliens on Telly and BeeZee on my lap. She's such a sweetie! ❤. (We've been up 2 hours, but no sign of Mark and Robbie yet.) 

"Finally" breakfast of bacon and eggs at 9:15 ... 😂 ... then dozens of birthday wish phone calls (Rod & Shay are coming February 24 or 25th for a few days) and plenty of emails and on Facebook. I was so busy I couldn't get dressed til noonish. (As my sweet mommy would say, it's hell to be popular.) 😂 Haha ... I had a wonderful time between phone calls and reading messages! (Thank you all! I am so lucky to have wonderful family and friends!) ❤❤❤

For lunch today, we went to a new Chinese restaurant. Although it was very good I still like our IchiBan best ... but hey, you got to check it out, right? 

At 6 o'clock, we were still full from our 1 o'clock lunch. 

At 4:30, we tried to go out back for a ring toss challenge during happy hour. However, it was pouring rain. So, Mark said let's go to the front porch. Well I'll be darned, there was no rain in the front yard, but it was still pouring in the backyard. Ha ha! Weird? So, Mark had a cigar while I poured wine and the doggies watched a half dozen squirrels dashing about. It was a very low-key, but enjoyable, birthday.

Wayne phoned to say happy birthday and we yakked for a bit. Rose D is visiting them for a few nights. 👍🏻Now, the doggies are enjoying their rawhides as we watch the (dismal) news! 

Tomorrow evening, Lew is dog sitting while Mark and I meet Randy and Dawn for a night out at Romano'sMacaroni Grill in the Winter Garden, Florida. It's quite pricey for us, but we have a $100 gift certificate from Giant Recreation World and RanDawn have a $50 wedding gift card! YeeHaw. We're living large! 

Tonight it's salad for dinner! And more 🍷🍷😜

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