Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's a lovely start to our day with sunshine and 75F. Mark whipped up veggie omelettes for our breakfast then we settled into watching the hound group on the Westminster dog show. After Donny saw the dachshunds he headed to the gym for a workout. 

We had a good visit with Jane and Cliff  and their wee doggie Beau last night. 
Beau is a "Chorkie" ... half Chihuahua/half Yorkie. He's absolutely perfect for Jane and Cliff and they dearly love him!  It's nearly a year since they adopted him and his transformation is amazing. He's gained 2 lbs and his coat is in good condition! Good job! (Cliff says "free dog = $1800 vet bill.) πŸΎπŸ’•


Years ago Donny mailed a  post card to Jane & Cliff from a Jamaica vacation. Cliff loves to paint and completes a picture a day often. Here's Donny clutching the bag that Jane packed his new painting in ... another carry on for the plane. What fun we had on the ride home last night. Donny tried to refuse the gift of the painting as he'd have to carry it on the plane. Then Pam piped up and offered to pay to mail it to Donny. Before we knew it, Jane had a bag out of the closet and was cramming the painting into it. πŸ˜‚ (There's an electric cord hanging from the back box attached to the painting to house a light. We were imagining Donny explaining this package to TSA security!) 😳


So, Pam and I are going to game day at Lynn's while Mark and Donny check RanDawn's and water plants for them. Then, the fellas are shopping for our special dinner of steak, scallops and sauce! You see, they're cooking dinner tonight instead of going out on busy VD.  Here's the recipe ...

Pam and I had a blast at Lynn's game day ... 
Florence, Carin, Rose, Pam and Pat ... playing Rummikube. 

Sandra, Elaine, Carol Ann, Phyllis and Sharon playing 10,000. 

Peggy, Deena, Lynn and Carol C playing Sequence. 

The wine was flowing ... music blaring = shenanigans. πŸ˜‚
 We finished up with Pat, Lynn, Deena, Rose, Pam, Sandra and me playing Cards Against Humanity. πŸ˜…

Back home by 5 o'clock we found Mark and Donny contemplating cooking with drinks in hand. 


Mark's cooking steaks while Donny make the salad and cooks scallops! ❤

Dinner was delicious! 
Mark surprised us with scratch off lotto tickets ... but no winners today. 

The finale was Boston Cream pie!
(Donny's from Boston area ... hence the dessert.) 😜

That's it. A great day! Now it's time to relax. Ta Ta. 

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