Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oh how I looked forward to Groundhog Day growing up in Canada! There was the slimmest chance the groundhog would not see his shadow, but of course he did. Alas, we lived in "Sunny Manitoba!" By the 2nd of February, every Winnipegger was sick and tired of cold and snow. Now, I don't mind Groundhog Day so much. 

😜 🏝

Mark had his appointment in The Villages while I handled paperwork and phone calls. My phone calls basically got me nowhere, but had to be done! Alas. Randy was feeling better and popped over for coffee along with a bag of fresh black licorice for Mark and me. Actually, he had been feeling well enough on Tuesday that he went golfing and, this time didn't have to buy lunch for everyone. You see, low score buys lunch. Haha. Golf lessons coming up? 

Since cutting down a "driveway" tree 2 years ago, I've been fretting the sun damaging the front of our RV. Yes, it's in the port but gets the morning sun now. So, Mark found a piece of shade cloth we'd used years past in Fort Lauderdale and adapted it onto the RVport frame. Presto - shade-o!

Tonight was a rousing game of fetch with the big (soft) ball that Sue got the kids for Christmas! It's very tossable and doesn't get caught under the furniture! Well, after 10 minutes I was puffing. LOL Now it's brushing night and Mz BeeZee is hiding while Robbie gets done. 

Tomorrow night, we're meeting Randy and Dawn at Guadalajara for dinner! 🌮🍹

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