Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good morning! ☀️We were up and out to the Mason Jar for a fabulous breakfast. (Shay said this was the best French Toast EVER!)

Roddy & Shay with the cowboy 🤠 🐸. 

Waiting for a beary long time! 🐻 

We toured about Umatilla looking at property possibilities. After a few hours we headed home to walk the doggies and pack some snacks. 

Boating fun on Lake Eustis while touring a couple waterfront communities. 

Robbie sat with Mark all day! Mz Bee was extra interested in everything today. We saw a Cairn terrier on shore that really caught her attention. Roddy took pictures of several properties that looked interesting. 

We arrived home about 3 o'clock and prepared to go to Randy and Dawn's at five for dinner! Nice! 💕

Cocktails at RanDawn's ... and plenty of laughs! 

Dawn and Roddy had a great conversation about Saints ... but not necessarily the "Staggerman" type. 😂

Dawn bamboozeled everyone with a "baby beer" ... liquor 43 and cream. What fun we had. 

Down the hatch! 

We left for home at 10 after a GREAT event. Dinner was excellent ... Dawn's cheesy potatoes, Randy's grilled chicken, and cheesy broccoli. Yummy. We were surprised by cheese cake for dessert. 😍

All in all it was a fab evening. 
Mz BeeZee and her sweet uncle Randy. 💕

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