Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's End ... 4/30/16

Good morning. Yes, it was a front door open kind of day until 930 when we left for the post office and Bowling. Once again, eBay came through with a sale, a $12 brooch. 

Sue and Wayne are in Stuart Florida for an RV weekend getaway. It would have been nice to meet them, but we have so many things in the air right now. Mark is getting very antsy to have the boathouse repairs done already. Next month, tomorrow, we began a month long siege of doctor appointments. Yuck. 

Randy is painting at Dawn's house today. He's working on fiddly shutters; the kind with plenty of angled louvers. He plans to cook a turkey breast tonight, and invite us over. Well, that's the tentative plan.

We know our pal Scott is working on his driveway project. We are hoping that he will be able to sell that home shortly and move up to our Central Florida area.

Last night, after I finished the blog, Robbie and BeeZee went into such a fun dog run, they had us laughing for 10 minutes! The carpets were flying. LOL. 

Mark had two good games of bowling today although he was upset with himself for open frames. Alas, that's why it's a challenging game. Ha ha. I was able to manage a 8 pound ball, not well, but I did exercise my hand.

Of course when I was ready to get a picture of Mark's turkey, it didn't happen!
Darn. Sorry, I jinxed ya. LOL

Oops, double jinx!

Dawn and Randy had an offer of dinner out with Dan to P F Chang's ... so we're going to take ourselves out to Red Lobster. So there! 

Jim phoned around 3:30 and chatted with us both. His treatment (the same as President Jimmy Carter's) is going very well with tolerable side affects. (Very good news!) We're looking forward to visiting with him in June and seeing "the Lodge!" Thanks for the pick me up call Jim ... and good luck Thursday!

Red Lobster got it right tonight. Dinner was very good! Mark had salmon and shrimp with calabrese salad ... I had a lobster tail, scallops and shrimp with a Caesar salad. And, we shared a brownie with ice cream! Delicious! Our waitress asked what we were celebrating ... and we said "Life!"  Haha. And, it's Saturday!

Back home, we played with the doggies and then watched President Obama at the Correspondent Dinner. He apologized for being late and said he was running on CPT. LOL. Ya gotta love his humor! I'm going to miss this President. 

How was your Saturday?

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