Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ya Ya's 1/7/16

Good morning from foggy Central Florida where it's 55°F. Mark left at 8 o'clock to scout a new hunting area. As hunting season is over Sunday, I suppose it's for next year. He needed to get out in the woods! 

Me? Well, it's routine household chores this morning, but tonight is our first YaYa's of 2016. Carol C. is hosting in Scottish Highlands with Margaritas and Mexican food. Ole! 

Since I finally had an eBay sale yesterday, it's time to list a few things I've been gathering. Yes, I still have painting to do on the bead board, but plenty of time as it won't be installed until after the granite countertops. 

Crystal posted this adorable picture of Avery in her Christmas outfit gift from Great Gigi in Florida. (Randy). 

YaYa's was excellent! Carol cooked a big feast for us complete with Cheese Cake & Key Lime Pie. 

Lynn, Nancy & Pat ... lots of fun! We were so full of wine and chocolate! 

Richard arrived home too early! Haha. Carol sent him to their office. 

When I arrived home at 8:30, Lew and Mark were watching President Obama in his Townhall meeting on proposed gun control. (They had eaten venison burgers and we're drinking wine. Happy happy.) 

Blacklist is on after this ... so Ta ta for now. 

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