Saturday, January 16, 2016

Orlando Delivery -1/16/16

It's an early start to our Saturday. The clock radio woke us at 5 ... and Mr. Bear was wandering our street. Mark and Robbie saw big wet tracks all about our road. 

Minutes after we arrived at the house, the delivery truck pulled up ... even before Home Depot's warning call. Good service. Mark began the install while I sorted the paperwork for the future homeowner. 

The dishwasher install went as easy as one could expect through the new garbage disposal. The icemaker water line wasn't so simple. The new fittings didn't match with the old fittings in the house. Mark went to Home Depot, but they didn't have the right part (sold out) so he was off to Lowe's. Meanwhile, I had touch up painting to do around the cabinets after John's install.

The stainless appliances ... all hooked up and looking great! The over the range microwave is on back order until next Thursday. So we tidied up and headed home at 1:30. I had a coupon for Hardees so we stopped and ordered two - 1/2 pound steak burgers for lunch/supper. Wow, they were awesome! Yes, we ordered fries to share with Robbie. He also had some lettuce and a little bun from our burgers.

Randy called about 330 and came for a pop in visit on the bike. He had just put a new battery in and wanted to test it. We sat on the front porch to wait for him, Robbie and I. 

Robbie with his uncle Randy on the motorcycle. Cute cute cute! Both of them, LOL. 

The house in the background behind Robbie's ears should be up for sale very soon. Our neighbor Bill passed away after spending 4 months in a nursing home. It's a canal front property with a fenced lot and boat dock. (I know the neighborhood is a fun place to live!)

Mark had two football games that needed to be watched. LOL  Then we got into Dateline, a two hour special. Somehow, that ended up being our entire evening. Not too exciting was it? Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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