Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Luncheon 1/20/16

Good morning. It's ladies luncheon today at 1884 in Eustis. Sharon picked me up at 11 o'clock along with Carol and Anita. We noticed a strange white Chevy car driving up and down my street. We were suspicious and stopped to ask them if they needed help finding an address. They said they had just found it and we're parked in front of Helen's. Well we continue to talk about it and the subject came up of the person who came to Carol's door so weeks ago at 1 o'clock in the morning. Anyway, we arrived at 1884 and went in and met everyone for lunch. Our waitress Tracy?, was fantastic. The food was excellent and she took a cute picture of us all. The Horshoe shaped table set up was perfect for us. 

Of course, we were the noisiest group there. The lady on the front left of the photo reminds me of my sister Sue ... and her name is Julie. Can you believe we have a group with two redheads! 

On our way back from lunch, we spotted the same car in the neighborhood and grew more suspicious. Anita tried to jot down the plate as we slowly cruised by, eyeballing them. They were talking to a woman in a white pick up truck. We drove further down Pine Island and then decided to turn around and get the entire plate number of the white Chevy. Just as we did that, the white Chevy took off around the corner heading to the highway. Then, about the same time, the white truck started coming towards us. Sharon turned her car around and we began to follow the white truck. Hell yeah! We were for detectives on a mission. Well, we cornered the white truck driver on Cedar and asked what she was doing in our neighborhood. She said she ran a cleaning service. Then Sharon asked how she knew the people in the white Chevy. She explained that they worked for her. Mystery solved? We really weren't buying the whole story because the man, in the passenger seat of the white Chevy, reminded Carol of the one who came to her door that night! "See something - say something." We
do. LOL

Meanwhile, Randy and Scott arrived to look at a lawnmower for sale at our neighbor's. Mark walked over with them and Randy bought it along with the dock box that Mike and Alice had for sale. Mark and I will go over there tomorrow for their garage sale! So, Randy and Scott have gone to take their loot home and then come back here to use our Internet to set up his "fit" watch. So far, it's been a busy day. 

6:30 and we're sitting by the fire with Randy & Scott. They're working on loading the Fit App onto Randy's phone. Mark and I are just chilling tonight. No plans for us. Dawn is at work til 8 ... Sue & Wayne went to the Elks for their dinner tonight. 

So that's it for today. Ta ta. 

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