Thursday, January 28, 2016


Good morning! It's going to be 62F today! After Roger & Bonnie left for work, we straggled downstairs to feed Robbie and have some toast. 

A dog food delivery arrived via UPS ...
And the wee ones thought they'd open it.  We let them play with it awhile! LOL. Better they bit the box than my pant legs. Hee hee. 

It takes a while to get all 8 dogs outside, in specific groups, several times a day. Tomorrow, Addison goes to her family in Houston, Texas. That'll leave us with "just 7". 

Mark assembled Robbie's puppy crate for Belize ... with his watchful eyes. 
On the other side of a short fence, Mz B watched too. 
Belize (sporting her new collar) & brother, Cabby. (Their mother was Robbie's too.)

Well, I need to get this blog finished because it's now a new day. We went for dinner to Chimi's, a terrific Mexican restaurant with Bonnie and Roger. The food was great! It's in a really neat area of 15th St. There are a lot of shops to walk around and plenty of restaurants. 

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