Monday, January 11, 2016


Starman and his Scottie ... together again. Thank you for the magic. 

Good morning sunshine! We're into our winter weather now ... 46F. Brrr. The first Canadian air mass arrived overnight. Mark dug long pants from the bottom of the drawer ... I haven't seen them since last January! LOL

Mark washed the vehicles this afternoon with Robbie supervising from the front porch. Meanwhile, I made a purple necklace to sell on eBay. Our kitchen wafts chicken soup, part of tonight's dinner. Right now though, it's Happy Hour. Cheers!

Snuggle time with Robbie near the fireplace. Yes folks, we are complete wusses here. Haha. 

These coals are perfect for baking potatoes ... 
Yum. Well, they would be good! 

Sue & Wayne went to one of our favorite South Florida restaurants this evening, Bella Roma. (They make the best Penne a la Vodka!) 

Randy had a big bonfire of scrub wood this afternoon. It was a good day ... no wind and cool. Dawn was at work. 

Tomorrow, it's game day at Sandra's for me. She took this beautiful picture of Lake Eustis from her back window. 

We're staying in tonight, watching "Killing Season" with John Travolta & Robert DeNiro. It pretty bizarre. Well, the fire is lovely. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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