Saturday, January 9, 2016


Good day, eh? It's a foggy start with a possibility of rain this afternoon. Never mind, Mark says there's some good football on this afternoon. It's a day to light a fire and relax. 

Thanks to Rick Moir for this Scottish cartoon. Haha. 

Mark painted the 2nd coat on the bead board for the Orlando house backsplash. I worked on eBay this afternoon and listed a few more items. Randy called about 3 o'clock to say he was going to the Hideaway tonight to watch the Steelers and Bengals game. He has $100 bet with Dan ... Go Bengals. Haha. 
(Last night, Dan was wearing a cap with the Elvis logo ... TCB.) We had never heard of this, but apparently Elvis's band became known as the "taking care of business" band. The logo was developed by Priscilla Presley on a rough flight to a concert when a lightning bolt flashed through the sky. You see, we learned something last night. LOL

It appeared that our Elvis impersonator had a little lightning bolt going on himself yesterday.

Electric wiener! LOL

So that was our day. Not too exciting, just getting some work finished. 

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