Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Metallic Glaze? 1/6/16

Imagine our surprise when we found out our favorite faux glaze by Martha Stewart is out of production! Say it isn't so! We planned a metallic-look backsplash for the Orlando house. Back to the drawing board, or rather, Google. After half a dozen phone calls, I found 1 gallon of Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze for $127.33 at The Villages. It's not Martha Stuart, but it would do in a pinch. Hmmm, I recall paying $60 (or so) when Home Depot carried Martha's label. At that price, it's worth looking at other ideas!

Well, that settles that. I went to Home Depot and found Hammered Silver and Hammered Copper enamel paint. So, at $11.88 a quart, Hammered copper it is. LOL. When I got home from the store, Mark had transformed the sunroom into a work room with drop cloths and the panels laid across our pool table and a portable table. Voila! We can easily get three coats on here. 

This morning, we dropped Robbie at the vets for his very first dental. Although the vet said his teeth are clean and he doesn't need it, we've noticed him rubbing his face with his paw. Something must be bothering the little guy. The vet phoned at 11:30 to say his dental was finished and Robs was in the recovery room. We're out of sorts without our Robbie helping with the chores. At 3:30, we will pick him up.

Since were not going to be painting in the carport, due to cooler weather, Mark backed the RV into its port. I'd like to put new backsplash in there, but maybe after we get back from Tulsa. I've been reading up on smart tiles, gel infused vinyl tiles that look like glass. They are very expensive, but not heavy like ceramic or glass tile would be. And of course, weight is an issue in the RV.

Ha ha. Mark tried the hammered copper paint but did not like it. He went to Home Depot to exchange it and try and have Home Depot color match Martha Stewart's gold paint. Twice they tried, and could not get it even close. So, we are now going to do it hammered silver. This should look nice on the backsplash as Sue is thinking stainless appliances are in order. 

Robbie is home, guzzled some water, ate half a dinner and is now having a snooze.  We're going to relax and watch the boob tube tonight. Ta ta. 

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