Friday, January 22, 2016

Vet ... 1/22/16

Poor Robbie! It was off to the vet first thing for a check on his ear. He had a tilted head and looked miserable. Our vet  packed his ear and wants a recheck in 2 weeks. I called later and spoke with Sandy at Animal Medical Services in Eustis. Sandy explained the treatment and said it wouldn't matter if we weren't back in exactly 2 weeks. Maybe we will have Robs checked in Tulsa while we're there dog sitting. 

This afternoon, I worked on filing paperwork while Mark got his packing organized. Canadian paperwork that I filed last April was finally answered. Of course they need more paperwork. Why on earth does it take nearly a year to answer? Frustrating. 

This evening, we are meeting Randy, Dawn and Scott at Guadalajara Mexican restaurant. RanDawn have been raving about it, so we must try it. Afterwards, it's Bowling.

Good food ... Good times!

Randy & Dawn spent their afternoon shopping for phones & a new plan. Scott helped them sort things out and they negotiated a good deal. Because they had to go back and pick up the phones at AT&T after we ate, we decided it would be too late to go bowling. (We didn't want to leave Robbie home alone that long.)

So, at home we're snuggled up with our boy and watching TV. Tomorrow morning, we're going to meet everyone at the Giant Recreation's RV display by the mall. After that, we will go bowling. 🎳

So, ta ta til tomorrow. 💤

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