Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lynne's Dinner Party 1/2/16

Good day y'all. I'm the only one up at 3:30 ... thought I might find Lynne in the Livingroom already, but no! Haha. Mark is going hunting with Ben early today ... then we'll all go bowling (Dawn's at work til 8) ... followed by a dinner party here, hosted by Lynne. (She imported an apple pie from Canada for dessert!) We didn't see RanDawn yesterday as he cooked at a Veterans appreciation gathering at the Hideaway. Nice. 

Online shopping for Mz B and Robs yielded new collars and tags ...
Cute, eh!

Lynne took Robbie for his morning walk with my usual warning about our neighbor's unneutered male Schnauzer, Sammy. Half way down our street I heard Robbie's Scottish war cry as he and Sammy yelled at one another, safely from opposite sides of the street. LOL. GOOD JOB Lynne! 

Great pic of Kris & Diane on New Year's Eve ...

We took a drive to pick up Randy so he and Dawn wouldn't have two vehicles to drive home tonight. Bowling was crazy fun this afternoon! The Stevenson's donated to the gutter ball fund as well as Randy and me. Mark coached Les into throwing a couple more duds before Randy suggested Les was doing better without coaching. LOL

Lynne prepared her twice baked potatoes and a Caesar salad while Mark put the filet mignon on the Barbie. Wow! Delicious. Dawn arrived at 8:30 and Mark put her steak on. We'd all waited to enjoy Lynne's homemade apple pie, with ice cream. It was a lovely evening. RanDawn left for home by 10:30 as Dawn works tomorrow too. 

Sue and Wayne went to the Elks tonight. (Jack C is out of hospital and recovering at home which is good news, indeed!) Lynne and Les will be in South Florida tomorrow! I hope they'll join the bowlers there. 

It's now 11 and we're parked in the Livingroom watching hockey highlights. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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