Tuesday, January 12, 2016

K Anniversary 1/12/16

Today was Sue & Wayne's wedding day in 1974. It was very bitterly cold ... -40F. Sue's flowers were wrapped in plastic just moments before this picture was taken. 

L-R Larry & Julie,  Wayne & Sue, Mom & Dad and Bridesmaid Sandra Lazarenko in pink. Happy 42nd Anniversary!

It's a sunny morning albeit, chilly. Robbie snuggled in bed with us before we all got up. Yes, Robbie is king of the castle! 

In less than two weeks, we'll start our trip to Tulsa. Rob's world is about to get more complex. Ha ha. He will meet Belize our new family addition, as well as Ella, nine months, Percy, 14 years, Cabby (Belize's brother) and 2 as yet unnamed pups. 

Mz B's beauty pics ...

Robbie ... Mr Sweety. 

"The Game of Things" was, hands down, the best game we've played as a group. Sandra picked this one and we loved it. The answers were very telling, and funny. One question had me spewing my drink all over. It was classic! Everyone's sides were sore from laughing. The question was "What thing would you leave out of your autobiography?" Well, the answers were crazy and varied. Sandra read the (anonymous) answers - "church dues" ... "number of times a day I masturbate" (that was Pat's answer) which made me spew my soda everywhere! What a fun group of women we have in this neighborhood! When I got home at 4:30, my face was sore from laughing. 

Mark had a fire going and turkey soup on the stove when I straggled in. Nice, very nice indeed. It's going to be a cosy evening. 

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