Sunday, January 24, 2016

We're PACKED - 1/24/16

Baby it's cold outside ... and Robbie is in no rush to go potty!
Can you see our packed Scottie? Haha. 
This morning it's warmer in Tulsa, Oklahoma than here in Grand Island, Florida. 
The car is loaded, the house-sitter on duty ... we're ready for our T-Town adventure. 

Yes, Mark. We have to drive through Alabama! LOL

Tonight, Randy, Dawn & Scott came by for happy hour and then we were off to Stavros for dinner. 
Everyone made a fuss over Robbie and wished him well meeting Belize. Awww.

Pictures that recently missed the Blog. 
This is a pineapple that Randy grew, and it's standing beside a huge bottle of rum! Wowsa! 

Another Blog miss was "El Diablo" ...
but I have no idea what we were up to! Hi-jinx, obviously. LOL

Well, we're settling in to watch some TV before early bedtime. We hope to be on the road by 6 AM. Ta ta. 

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