Saturday, January 30, 2016

Work Day / Cruise Day 1/30/16

It's officially our first workday here, dog sitting Bonnie's & Roger's five, and now our two, plus painting. I guess you could say it's a bus man's holiday! (It's an old English expression my Nan used to say.)

Our TWO! (YAY!!!) Robbie and BeeZee are on varmint watch at the front door. 
(They just scared the pants off the postman!)

Mark began painting the dining room ceiling today.

Meanwhile, there's a story to tell about last night. Bonnie and Roger had trouble on the road. Big trouble! First, the dear little puppy Addison had a poop in her crate before they even got out of the neighborhood. Ha ha. They stopped to clean that up, but she shortly had another poop. Then, the poor little pup threw up. Car sick! While Bonnie was comforting and cuddling with Addie, Roger was driving. A huge chunk of metal was sent airborne from the car in front of them on the interstate through Dallas, Texas. They blew out 2 tires on the driver's side!
There they sat, unable to get off the highway with cars whizzing past on either side!!! Fortunately, the tow truck arrived quickly and got them to safety. It was tense!
Unbelievably, there was no other damage visible to the car. They were towed to a tire place that was open until midnight! New tires were installed ...
while Roger held Addie. They were underway again by 11:40 pm. Great service!

By early morning, Addison was delivered safely to her new mom!
Happy day! Addie kissed her new mom and took control of her new household. LOL

While we painted and played with Scotties, Bonnie & Roger boarded the Norwegian Jade ...

And ordered up some Johnny Walker Red!!! Yes, we've intro'd them to Scotch. Haha. Cheers!

Meanwhile "back at the ranch", the puppies joined in our happy hour!

Ah, the wine box ran empty. (It is their fav toy!) LOL

At 5 o'clock, the kids enjoyed their dinner of chicken, broccoli and kibble. Everyone ate everything! Everybody had an hour of solid playtime. Miss Ella loves to play with the spinning top that chucks out food occasionally. LOL. Then, Mark finished his box of Merlot wine. We put some kibble inside the box and she played for another hour and a half. Finally, the box was destroyed and the kibble gone. Now she's sound asleep. Sweetie. Cabby has really warmed up to me; my black shadow. 

Chief & Hannah loved chasing Mark's Minnetonka Moccasins (pricey gift from his sweet sister Pam)! Problem. Mark's toes were being chomped. Haha. 
It was a fun-filled (poop picking up) day. Ta ta til tomorrow!

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