Friday, January 15, 2016

Mid-January 1/15/16

How're your new year resolutions? Mine are on track ... 

Today was forecast with 50 MPH winds, possible tornadoes and heavy rain. So, we planned a hunker-down kind of day. ⛈

That didn't last. Once the rain moved out, we felt restless and ready to do something fun. I phoned Randy, knowing Dawn was at work. The storm had been a non-event there too. We decided on practice bowling at 1 o'clock today. Practice bowling means, try anything, there's no gutter ball fund box to pay. LOL. Today, I shall work on form, and nothing else. What I have found in the past, if my form is good, my bowling improves. 

January 6, we had Robbie in for a dental. All was well, but here we are a few days later treating an ear infection. When he was in for the dental, they cleaned his ears and apparently didn't dry them properly! The poor guy was trying to tell us something was bothering him. Mark discovered crustiness in his ear while brushing him last night. Fortunately, we had Panalog on hand. I don't think it's available in the United States, but Canada uses it. He was quite comical, with his head tilted sideways and feeling very bad for himself ... and mad at both of us. Poor guy. We tried all the usual bribes, but Robbie hid behind the recliner chair. Today, he was fine, but we had to treat his ear again. We know ear infections aren't cured in one dose. 

I just read online that Rick and Ruth had terrible weather at the boat. Here, the sun is shining and it's 74F. Soon the front will be offshore and kaput.  

We had a blast bowling, as usual. Randy and I shared the big "L" but we all had very good games.

Just look at Randy's grimace. Hilarious! LOL

Not only do we have a gutter ball fee of $1 ... but we pass around the "L" ... "Loser!" LOL. Rough crowd. (Scott E arrives late Saturday ... so it just might be breakfast out Sunday, followed by bowling!)

We've all had better bowling games but felt we did okay. If you base it all on fun, it was a winner-day. (Dawn didn't need the practice ... she was ace last Wednesday night!)

After dinner of pork fried rice, Mark and I played 3 rounds of Rummikub ... to be continued another evening. 
Robbie came into the Sunroom and stood up ... wanting to join us. Mark sat him on a high barstool. Sweet guy. 

That's it for today. It's time to watch the evening news and chill out. It's going to be an early morning as we're meeting the appliance delivery at the Orlando house. Ta ta. 

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