Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday 1/1/2016

Good morning, and happy new year. It's a bright beautiful start to our day with a high expected of 84°. Mark cooked us a breakfast of cheesy eggs, O'Brien potatoes and bacon. Robbie had an egg too! Les & Mark stayed home to prep for a boat ride while Lynne and I went to Walmart for tomorrow's steak dinner feast. 

The afternoon was perfect for a 3 hour putt-putt cruise around Lake Eustis. 

The weather was great ... partly cloudy with a slight breeze. Robbie enjoyed himself, and as Lynne said, so did the Stevenson's. 

Last year, Lynne took some crystals home to make a window hanging for their Livingroom. Well, she arrived with them ... needing some guidance. LOL. The components were still wrapped up. 

Mark cooked Fettucine with vodka sauce for our dinner while I puttered on the crystals. We all decided a quiet, relaxing evening sounded best. Wine was poured and we settled in to watch Tom Hanks in Castaway. 

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