Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday 1/3/16

Good morning! It rained last night and we have a cool 54F. (Nice for us Floridians, not so much for the snow birds!). Lynne and Les took us to Billy's CafĂ© for omelettes this morning. Then, at 11:30, they were away to Pompano Beach and their hotel. Meanwhile, Sue called and was going to Costco. She offered to bring them a (big) rotisserie chicken for their dinner. We had a wonderful, fun visit with our Stevenson pals! 

It was laundry time for me back at home while Mark made a batch of chicken and rice soup. He took some over to Lew and Lynn as she is down with a cold following their anniversary cruise. For our lunch we finished the apple pie with ice cream from last night's feast. Lynne makes it from scratch with lots of apples and cinnamon. Their old neighbor grafted 3 types of apples onto 1 tree and it produces nice big apples. 

Well, both Mark and I had a big nap when we sat down after eating the pie. Haha. With the sound of light rain, it was perfect for a snooze. 

Lyn & Tony (London) sent a pic of their grandchildren. 
Lindford, Elisha, Sophie, Hudson, Landon & Freya ... all growing up beautifully. (Thanks Lyn!)

Tonight, Jim Gauthier's cottage construction is on Timber Kings. Unfortunately, it's only on in Canada at this time. Drat. Mark and I will have to contend ourselves with watching Downton Abby tonight. We look forward to seeing Jim's property this summer.

Bonnie and Roger had the pups dressed up for the holidays.
I especially liked Miss Pink in her fuzzy jacket. (They haven't been named yet and are known by their ribbon color tied on at birth.) Ain't she sweet!!!

Well that's it for today. I hope your Sunday was grand. Ta ta. 

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