Thursday, January 21, 2016


Wow! What a good sleep I had. At 6:30 I was ready for my DSO.

First on our list was Mike & Alice's garage sale. I bought 6 Williams Sonoma Ramekins for $3 ... which should sell on eBay for $18-22 ... That's a good profit for shopping at our local humane society store! Heehee. I also scored a bag of hangers for them.

Today's excitement was cleaning the Sunroom windows. All the sheer curtains came down for washing; Mark washed the outside while I worked inside. What perfect weather for that job!

At 5:30, Lew arrived home from his part-time job and joined us for happy hour on our front porch. Eventually, Lynn arrived home from work and came over for a glass of wine as well. Meanwhile, Robbie was sitting on a highchair joining in. LOL - we're officially nuts. Haha. 

I talked to Bonnie tonight, confirming our travel plans to T-town. Timichael (OKC) called to bring us up to date on his divorce proceedings. We feel bad for him in this predicament. 

That was our day. How was your Thursday? 

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