Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Microwave 1/19/16

Good day! We're feeling spry at 10 o'clock this morning. LOL yes, we are later than usual getting up. It was 130 before we went to bed last night.

Our first stop of the day will be to our post office to mail a shower curtain I sold on eBay. $24 Ka-Ching! Actually, the month of January has been pretty good for eBay sales. (December was dreadful.) After that stop, we are on our way to Orlando to install the over the range, microwave. That shouldn't take long at all.

At the post office, we saw our neighbors Linda & Alice. They were off on a shopping trip while Jack & Mike went golfing. Alice said Cheri removed the metal tabs from her brown mailing envelope as it saved 22 cents. It's a discount the post office gives ... so remove the metal tabs!

This evening, we're invited to Randy and Dawn's for pizza. We're bringing a key lime pie ... yummy!

When we arrived at the Orlando House, I checked for leaks; Under the cabinet sinks etc. and this time I found one! The faucet in the guest bathroom has been leaking when it is turned on. Of course with the main water off, we haven't seen a leak. But, when the granite and kitchen cabinets were installed, the crew was  washing up in the bathroom sink. Well, it was wet underneath. So, Mark was off to Lowe's for a new faucet. Meanwhile, I finished the painting around the cabinets where Mark had repaired a kitchen cabinet install ding with drywall mud, and along the side of the dishwasher where they had dinged the molding. After that, it was a thorough vacuuming of the entire house. 

It looks as if water has been leaking for years!

The microwave oven install went very well. In fact, we got it on the back bracket first time. Yay!

It was a very snug fit ... and looks fantastic!

We were completely finished with the Orlando house by 230. On the way home, we stopped for chocolate milkshakes, a rather celebratory event. Ha ha. 

When we arrived at Randy's and Dawn's, Randy was half in the bag from pouring his own bloody Caesar. Pizzas were slightly delayed, as cheese had been forgotten! Ha. Dawn saved the day by looking in the fridge before everything went into the oven. We may do with more wine and beer. While we were waiting, Dawn made baby beers for everyone! That was just what we needed. The pizzas were excellent ... Hawaiian with turkey ham and vegetable with extra cheese. We also had a Caesar salad and Keylime pie for dessert. It was perfect. Scott asked a few questions about eBay which brought us around to the topic of Randy's Harley Davidson overalls.  Randy had donated them to Shih Tsu rescue, and they sold. Well, of course, Scott had to hear the entire story. After that, we phoned Sue with a funny ditty about selling them. Actually, it ended up being a video to her. We had more fun doing it.

Red headed Scott & crew. LOL

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