Friday, January 8, 2016

Paint paint paint 1/8/16

It's a workday, sort of ... Mark is on the clock painting the backsplash with a Hammered Silver enamel (stinky stuff) while I handle the Friday chores. We've lots of ventilation in place ...

The Hammered Silver should look great with stainless appliances. 

The first coat is done. This paint is super thick and pulls on the brush. Nice stuff, but not like regular paint. It sets with darker spots that give the hammered metal look. 

This afternoon, I sorted through Robbie's toybox and got rid of some of the junky torn ones.

This poor guy doesn't have a thing to play with. LOL. (Just wait till Miss B gets in there! He'll be interested in everything again!)

This evening, we went to the Hideaway to see Tommy Dee perform his Elvis show. It was good fun. We met Randy and Dawn and were invited to a party at MaryLou and Steve's next weekend. YEEHAW. 

It was a fun night. Go Bengals! 

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