Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday 1/18/16

Hello sunshine! Yes, it's in the 50's but still a good start for a mid-January morning. 

Lew phoned quite early ... barking dogs woke him at 3:30 but we didn't hear anything (Robbie isn't a barker!) Another side to Lew's phone call was that our neighbor, Bill, IS ALIVE!  Last week, another person with the same name and even the same middle initial passed away in the same city. What are the odds? Anyway, Lynn phoned Carol to give her regards and Carol said, "Bill is alive!" LOL  She had numerous calls, sympathy cards and emails. 

It was a very busy afternoon. Mark tidied the side yard from all our assorted projects and put away his hunting equipment. I had just finished putting three new listings on eBay when Randy called. We decided on dinner at IchiBan and Mexican Dominoes later. 

Mark gave Robbie a quick haircut and bath, as I vacuumed and made ready for company. 

Randy, Dawn and Scott arrived for a drink about 5, then it was off to supper about 6 o'clock. Dawn and I played a trick on Randy with his fortune cookie. When he was getting dessert for Dawn, I read my fortune and then passed it over to Dawn. When Randy came back, he opened his fortune cookie and Dawn offered to read his fortune for him. I said that I bet I knew what it said. Well when Dawn read out what I had said, Randy thought it was great that I knew. LOL. We had to tell him I wasn't psychic like his auntie Glady. 

Mark was the big winner tonight, with Scott in second place. We had plenty of laughs, and a couple of drinks. Of course Robbie sat on a high bar stool, table height for him, and watched. He's such a good boy! We hope he will enjoy having Belize in our home. 

Mark, Robbie & Randy ... Mexican Dominoes night. 

Everyone left at 11 and we tidied the place then made ready for work in Orlando tomorrow morning. The microwave arrived today, 3 days early! Sweet. 

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