Monday, January 25, 2016

Travel Day 1/25/16

Good (frosty) morning! It's 6:20 am as we leave home for Tulsa. Later it'll be 70ish. Traffic was light. At 8:10, we stopped at the Lake City rest area & took Robbie for a walk. It was pretty darn chilly.  Well, here we are at 10:05 stopped again. LOL. We're not great car travelers ... but we needed fuel. $18.81 to fill up. 

Well, we are still going through damn Atlanta. Our GPS took us from I75 to I475 loop to I675 which put us on a 10 mile tour through a most scenic area. 

We finally made it to I75N and got onto I20W. Yikes. (FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU.)

So we're cruising along I20W through Birmingham when the GPS directs us to I78. Screw you GPS! We're stating on I20 ... It was correct! Drat. I20 ends there and we had to detour back to I78. (Guess I should have brought the big atlas, not this small one. LOL. (FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME!) 

Oh no!!!  We were told, yes, by our GPS, to get off I78 onto I44 for the last 15 miles to the hotel. Since we DIDN'T OBEY last time, we followed the GPS direction this time. Well, Podunk here we come! Yes, really! Once we arrived at the hotel, we were a stone's throw from the main highway we'd gotten off! LOL. )So it turns out, President Dubya Bush, that you get fooled again!) LOL

When we finally checked in, we fed Robbie then ordered a pizza and poured ourselves wine! We now remember why we didn't want to drive this I20 route. Ha. 

Fortunately, Ancient Aliens was on TV and we relaxed with some we'd not seen before. 

Robbie & Giorgio Tsoukalos. Two favorites!

Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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