Monday, January 4, 2016

T-Town Prep - 1/4/2016

Good morning from chilly Central Florida. (It's nearly time to take the cover off the fireplace!) 

Last night, I pulled 2 suitcases from our guestroom closet and sorted through the travel-size items on hand. We're used to traveling in our RV, which is simple. Planning for a road trip with suitcases is something unusual. LOL  So, after sorting through things, I have a list for Walgreens travel section! Mark and I will have to travel light as one suitcase will be designated for Robbie's things ... really! 

Bonhaven Island Girl (aka Belize) strutting her stuff. This sweet 18 lb Scottie will be joining our home ...

and Robbie will be reawakened!
Are we getting her soon Mom?

Did you know our RV is still at Giant  Recreation World? A new gearbox was ordered for the front jacks plus 4-step entrance stairs. (The kitchen cabinets were installed Saturday at K's Orlando house and we were hoping to pick up the RV after inspecting them.) We may just have to drive over to the Orlando house and pick up the RV another day. Rather than guessing, I phoned Giant and spoke with Ricky. Our landing gear is done and they are waiting for the steps to arrive. Nice. We're close to getting our RV home again! 

This afternoon I began the income tax gathering of papers. Mark helped by going through our postage receipts ...
and cutting the extra junk off the receipts. By the look of it, it's a big job! 

Tomorrow, we're going to the Orlando house again. We have 1/4 of the garage floor to paint, measure for appliances, purchase backsplash beadboard and prime it. On our way home, we'll go 1 exit south on the 429 to Giant to pick up our RV. (The bill is unfortunately over $1800!) Ka-Ching!

Robbie, Mark and I had a nice walk this afternoon in the 67F air. Jazzy (and Jim) were out too, then Lew came along. It was a yack-fest for a few minutes. Neighbor Maryann & Kurt were having a new dock built for a new pontoon boat. Things are looking up in the hood. LOL. 

It's happy hour now. Robs had a good feast of brown rice, peas and chicken tonight. Us? We're having Tortilla Soup that Lynn sent over in our bowl from yesterday's chicken soup. She wisely stayed home from work today. 
Haha! A fire tonight!!! Love it. :-)

That's all the news today. Ta ta. 

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