Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Workday 1/5/16

The wind was fierce last night whipping tree branches and moaning around the eaves. But we were so comfortable in bed we didn't want to get up. Haha. So there it is. Even working one day in the week it's the very morning we want to sleep in. 

Sue & Wayne's Shih Tzu, Julius, has had more seizures. Poor guy! Sue is quite the detective and found this article on Rosemary Extract. It's in many dog food treats!

I checked Robbie's treats ... and it's in there. Guess I'll be baking cookies for the dogs now! I wonder if brown rice cakes would be OK for them?

Today, I finished painting the garage floor while Mark wired outlets on the kitchen peninsula. We met John, the kitchen cabinet installer, who works for Jamie, K's realtor. He was very pleasant, and told Mark he had been working in the business 30 years and not seen quality workmanship in a renovation house like we did. He raved about our wonderful painting with accurate lines and rolled smoothly. Then he complimented the clean grout lines. Haha. Actually, it was very nice to hear. 

We picked up our RV at 3 o'clock and all  was fine. I love our new quad steps. Giant Recreation did a lot of work for the money. We were happy to get it home, and halfway parked into the RV port.
These are our new quad steps. I love them, as they make getting into the RV so much easier on my back. 

As we had more things to get at Home Depot, we jumped into the Mountaineer and went to pick up the wood for our backsplash project. There, we met Randy and Dawn, looking at tile for a bathroom renovation. 

The four of us came to our place and ordered Domino's pizza, drank wine and watched Teresa Caputo, Long Island Medium. Mark started a fire as it was a cool evening. Lovely. We really enjoyed it. Since Dawn works tomorrow, they were off to home by 9 o'clock. Tomorrow morning, Robs goes to the vet for a dental cleaning and pedicure. 

And that was our day. A bit hectic, but as always, fun. Ta ta. 

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