Sunday, January 17, 2016

Birthdays 1/17/16

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. LOL ... Our weather radio alarm sounded at 12:30 AM. It sits on the lower shelf of Mark's nightstand. He abruptly awoke, not knowing where the sound was coming from! So, he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep! I put my nightstand light on and tried to coach him to push the "bar". Well, that didn't make much sense. Finally, I turned the TV on to find there was a tornado warning for everywhere EXCEPT Lake County. We did get heavy rain, apparently, and wind. This morning, we were laughing about it and Mark said he thought it was the alarm clock and he had to get up for work! I suppose the weather radio needs to be on my side of the bed. 

Today is my cousin Elliott Tawns' 20th birthday. We wish him the very best for the coming years. Also, it is my late sister Linda's birthday. Sad that she's gone too soon. We miss her every day. 😢

It was the final day to remove hunting equipment from the Ocala Forest. Lew and Mark left at 9 to pick up their tree stands. On the way back from that task, Randy called to ask Mark to help with a project. Dawn had an opportunity to acquire a curio display cabinet from work. It was the perfect color scheme for Randy's garage, orange and black. Randy popped in for a visit (mainly to see Robbie!) about noon, and then the two of them took the Mounty to pick up the cabinet. Scott was supposed to arrive last night, and would have been pressed into service for the pickup. Randy was quite sure Scotty would come in before 3 o'clock as Gator Harley has a 30% off sale on that ends today. Apparently, Scott has a laundry list of things he wants for his bike! 

I saw this picture online and it made me think of our Candy Bear. Actually though, she was a very good girl. Another English Springer Spaniel that I had, Freddie Farkle, was "the" escape artist. 

Freddie could scale any fence! I nicknamed him Houdini Hound. LOL. 

It's evening now and the fireplace is lit ... just a small fire tonight. Ha! Mark doesn't do small fires. Stay cozy. Ta ta. 


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