Friday, January 29, 2016


Mark and I were up extra early to do all the dog chores and let Bonnie and Rogers sleep in. We were up late last night, playing Mexican dominoes.

With a cacophony of shrill yips from the 3 little rascals, they were up soon enough. 

Mark and I needed a few things and headed to Walmart in Sand Springs. I saw some dishes I liked that aren't available in our Florida region. It's a darn good thing we're NOT here with the RV or I'd have bought two sets that clearly I don't need. LOL

As you can see, Robbie and Belize are getting along quite well. 
Last night, while we were playing dominoes, they snuck upstairs together. Hahaha. We put BeeZee's crate/bed in our guest room and she slept there. Sweet!

Randy and Scott were laying pipe this afternoon in the Florida sunshine. (Sprinklers, not what Mark says is "laying pipe!") LOL. RanDawn's new driveway was poured last week so now the sprinklers need redoing. One job leads to another, always!

Sue & Wayne are enjoying a Prevost Liberty rally in Stuart this weekend.

Bonnie took Belize through her paces and Robbie followed along! 

When treats are involved, Robbie is a quick learner. 

Mark put out a spread of chicken, potato salad, Caesar salad & garlic rolls for "linner" at 3 o'clock. By this time their car was packed and Miss Addison was in her finest pink fluff ready for the 8 hour drive to Houston. She's a darling, gentle Scottie and will make a lovely pet. Good luck sweetie. 

Bonnie and the last pup to go ... Addie.

Roger had to be torn from his laptop as it was in update mode! Ha! Bonnie overruled and they were off for Texas. Bon Voyage. Don't worry about a thing! (Actually, 1/2 an hour later, all critters were in snooze mode!) Guess we've been exhausting them. Ha! 

Rick Moir sent us a pic of Daisy. She's relaxing in K's Prevost with Julius & Shorty. Cute!

L-R Shorty, Julius & Daisy. 

At 9 we took the kids out for a last walk ... gave them cookies & fresh water ... and off to bed. We'll be up early to start again ... and to begin a little painting! Ta ta. 

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