Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hunting Ends 1/10/16

Mark was up at 4:30, excited to go hunting with his pal Lew. I can't get back to sleep once woken so here I am, watching Ancient Aliens on TV and planning our big summer RV adventure. Just off the top of my head I'd like to visit Rosemary Farm in the Catskill Mountains, cousins in Buffalo, Niagara Falls (again) and explore more of Lake Michigan's and Lake Superior's shores. Then, it's off to Chippy's Hollow at Lake of the Woods, Canada with Sue & Wayne!  But, I got carried away ... First there's our two week adventure in Tulsa, Oklahoma ... adopting Belize and dog sitting (7 in total) for Bonnie and Roger while they enjoy a honeymoon cruise. Oh yes, then we're booked into Giant Recreation World's RV event in early March. (That trip will be Belize's initiation RV trip!) Fun stuff! 

Hopefully, Robbie and Belize will be best buds from the start; but ya never know. Just in case, Mark is packing the small dog crate in case they need to be separated in the backseat on our way home. 

After lunch, we 3 took a long nap in front of the TV. It was awesome! Now we're ready for a thrilling bowling challenge! That is, to keep the ball out of the gutter and the dollar bills in my pocket. Haha. That's easier said than done! We invited Lew and Lynn to join us, but they're having naptime. (It's a dull, cloudy, cooler day ... and that's how we Floridians behave.) 

We're now the owners of half of 2 Power Ball tickets with RanDawn after collecting $6 in the gutter ball fund. LOL. As you guessed, it was a rough night at the bowling alley. Haha. $1.3 billion is the next lottery. Yeah, we could be good stewards of that money!

Well, that was our day. I hope yours was great!

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