Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Travel #2 1/26/16

There's light rain falling in Tupelo Mississippi early this morning. Both Mark and Robbie are sleeping while I begin repacking. Why do 2 people need this much stuff? 

I slept pretty well. The room got too hot with the typical guess-the-temperature heater/A/C unit. Both times that I was up, no one else seemed bothered. Mark left the bathroom fan on all night to cover machinery noise as our room backed onto the ice maker and vending equipment. (There's no place like your own RV for travel.) ;-)

We were on the road at 6:15 ... same time as yesterday! "Somehow", we've lost our crummy atlas. LOL. Oh well ... Driving I78 through Holly Springs, Mississippi we saw the swath of trees down where the 12/25/15 tornado struck. (It's very close to Olivia's new family in Middleton where we attended her wedding last September.) A 7:15 fuel stop at Flying J took 45 minutes ... no lineup for fuel, just coffee! 

Over the Mississippi River and into Arkansas!  Although flood waters have receded, the mighty river is still high!

At 12:20, we stopped in Clarksville to eat a sandwich and walk Robbie. It's a good thing we weren't a day later leaving, as a very big storm is working its way across the Midwest. We have 176 miles left to Bonnie's. She won't be home until 5 o'clock, so there's no hurry. 

The Ozarks are pretty ... even in winter. Who knew they made wine here! 

We passed by the marker "Trail of Tears" ... Andrew Jackson's miserable idea and process. 

Well the day got away on me! We arrived in Tulsa about 3, found the new liquor store for champagne then went to Sonic for eats. 

At Sonic! Robs likes their grilled chicken but Mark balked at $4 for his sandwich. Ha. 

Bonnie arrived home at 5 and the fun began. More tomorrow!

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