Saturday, January 23, 2016

RV Show 1/23/16

Good day! It's sunny, windy & nice this morning...perfect for browsing Giant's display at the mall. No, we're NOT in the market but RanDawn are!

Robbie was sleeping in the Sunroom when Mark looked for him this morning. Maybe the house was too warm last night? We did have the small heater on this morning. Mark cooked turkey sausage and eggs for our breakfast. Aren't I lucky!!! Yes, I am. When I looked at the calendar today I realize that yesterday, January 22, marked 30 years since I moved to Florida. I have good memories of living in Canada, but these United States are fantastic! Florida, in particular, is a tropical paradise to me. For 90% of the year, you just step outside ... no jacket, no boots. Now today, I will probably need a fleecy because of gusty wind. But hey, it is winter in Florida. LOL. A big thank you to my dad and mom who immigrated, and enabled us girls to follow. It was a good family move!

Brrr ... We walked around the RV show for an hour but the wind was relentless = cold. Randy & Dawn saw the TREK that we thought might be ideal for them.

At bowling, Lane 21 was tough! There seemed to be a crest in the center ... even Mark contributed to the fund today! (Mark pays a dollar to the gutter ball fund if he doesn't make three strikes in a game.) Everyone contributed today. LOL

Mark, parting with a buck. Haha. 

We came home ... Mark to build a great roaring fire ... and me to check our packing and close the suitcases. We're 95% ready to travel. The dog beds were washed and readied to welcome our new girl. I'm excited to be on our way!

Dawn's son Brandon celebrated  his 31st birthday yesterday. Tonight, they are getting together with dinner out. Fun! Afterward, everyone is going back to RanDawn's. Happy Birthday Brandon!

Sue & Wayne are off to the Elks for dancing tonight. It's chilly in Pompano tonight with strong winds too. 

We have a nice fire going and we're snuggling with Robbie. I think he's feeling better! Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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