Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scottieville - 1/27/16

Good morning! Bonnie and Roger left for work by 7:30. After that, Mark and I unpacked, fed Robbie then took he and Belize for their first joint walk. They did just fine! Oddly enough, Mz B seems to have accepted Robs straight away. Robbie is a bit jealous sharing us. It'll take a few days, but we think they're a great pair! 

Tiny Mz B and Robbie Square Pants with Mark. It's a bit frosty for we Floridians but going to 54 this afternoon. 

Back to last night's news ... Bonnie arrived home from work at 5 and got her 6 outside for potty & sunshine. Mark and I unloaded the car and hauled everything upstairs to the guest room. Then, it was intro time for Robbie. Straightaway, he and Percy sniffed and wagged tails. Perfect, they remember each other from 2012! Amazing, right? Percy stayed home with the 3 Scottie shark puppies while we walked. Mark walked Robbie, I with Belize and Bonnie with Cabby & Ella (THE wild one!) LOL. All went very well. Amazing, eh? 

Back home, we poured wine and caught up on events. Bonnie married her sweetheart, Roger, last February in a beautiful Native American ceremony and we hadn't met him yet. Perhaps a 2nd glass of wine happened before Roger got home from his Choctaw language class. 

We all asked what new word he remembered from that class. Of course, under pressure, he couldn't recall any! LOL  You KNOW we had to bring up the "glitter palace" story that Randy always says Mark allegedly visits (instead of deer hunting!) That broke the ice. Roger is a wonderfully kind man who just fit right in. We could see right away that Bonnie married a wonderful husband. 

Mark opened chilled champagne and we toasted to their good fortunes. 

Tonight, we met Vickie & Dick at TiAmo's for dinner. Fabulous! Their lobster bisque was spicy and delicious! 
The 6 of us after dinner. Dick was flying out at 4:30, so they headed home. We 4 went to snuggle doggies and play Mexican Dominoes. Roger is in the lead ... to be continued! 

Finally off to bed at 11:30. Hey, they have jobs! Ta ta. 

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